Evangelist: The Wonder Working Winner

Cross in Bible
  1. Apostle: The Suffering Sent One
  2. Prophet: The Interceding Seer
  3. Evangelist: The Wonder Working Winner
  4. Shepherd: The Passionate Protector
  5. Teacher: The Tireless Theologian

Who is an Evangelist?
Simply put, an Evangelist is an announcer of the good news that Yeshua has paid the price of redemption of man from the yoke of Satan and sin and that new, eternal life is possible in Him! Such men and women are personally consumed with the function of reconciling the lost to their heavenly Father to the degree that it becomes the primary thing they live for. They are wired to bear fruit in the form of souls coming into the kingdom of God. They also inspire people in the church to engage in telling others about the good news of the gospel, whether they are evangelists, or not.

Evangelists may not carry an apostolic  burden. They are not necessarily the suffering sent ones. Neither are they necessarily prophets, who are interceding orators. They may not even have a pastoral calling or burden for the believers within a local body. Finally, evangelists may not have a masterful handle on many of the doctrines of the bible, as their message is very narrow: Jesus is alive!  

Not everyone is an evangelist. Evangelists are ministers, chosen by God, Himself. Still, all believers have a calling and a charge to bring the good news of the gospel to others.

Evangelists in the Bible:

  • Phillip (Acts 21:7-9, Acts 6:5, Acts 8:4-13, Acts 8:26-40)

Phillip was the most prominent Evangelist in the New Testament. In this ministry, he:

  • Preached the good news (Acts 8:5)
  • Baptized those who believed (Acts 8:12)
  • Worked miracles, signs and wonders (Acts 8:7)
  • Cast out demons (Acts 8:7)
  • Joy bringers!!! (Acts 8:8, 39)
  • Served tables resolved minor disputes at the local church (Acts 6:5)
    • Evangelists do the work they do, in the context of being connected to the local church.

PERSONAL BELIEF (But, take it seriously): If you are confirmed and appointed in the five-fold ministry (Apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher), there must be some operation of the gifts of the spirit (signs and wonders) following what you do. The biblical examples of all of these ministries seem to show the operation of signs and wonders.

Question: What is the gospel?

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