Support First Love Schoolhouse

We believe education to be an essential need of our young people. A proper learning environment, along with church and family, is an integral part of a child’s life. It helps build a sense of accomplishment, encourages the spirit of community, and prepares them for an uncertain future in an ever-changing world. Still, the Spirit-filled component in Christian education will not only teach them about God, but empower them to impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In order to provide these much-needed, affordable services to the children, we need the help of people like you, who are interested in seeing kids thrive, academically, and spiritually. Your financial support to First Love Schoolhouse is a major key to fulfilling this ministry. From school supplies to scholarships, your gift will help us to assist children in growing in Christ, and excel at school. It also allows us to maintain a staff that is dedicated to the education and spiritual discipleship of the students.