Can a Small House Church Make a Difference?

Electrical Lines in ice

Ice…then, subzero temperatures, then snow. Ugh…I would have never guessed that Oklahoma weather would get this crazy! Since being here for the past 20+ years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen temperatures drop as low as they have in the past week! Still, even though we didn’t gather, I am so happy to announce that our involvement in the solution for MANY families was great. This past week, we were able to provide meals, supplies and assistance in housing for families in transition, those experiencing homelessness, and woman who are in crisis. As a church, we were able to keep many people safe, and out of the cold. Still, we are not done yet. Tonight, I’ll be picking up some winter gear kits for those who are currently sheltered, so they can be better prepared for the rest of this season. We’ve also reached out to some addiction recovery organizations to see if we can find some permanent options for those who are now in temporary housing. We’re moving forward in a big way to help those who are unable to help themselves.
We have also made it official: Deliver Hope Uganda is a part of the First Love Fellowship family. As a satellite ministry, DHU is pouring into the lives of children by providing food, shelter, education, and discipleship to 88 children. Please remember them in your prayers. I’ll be sending out some names and pictures to you soon. To answer the question: Yes, a small church can make a HUGE difference in the lives of hundreds and even thousands. What’s important is not how many gather, but how many lives are impacted by the few that gather. If you are activated in your calling and gifting, then you, alone, can rock this city! So, please stay prayerful, and be prepared to walk in those spiritual gifts.
Speaking of spiritual gifts – were still diving into them! This week, we will begin to look at the ministry gifts. Please refer to the post I sent out earlier this month on the Ministry Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Read it and be prepared to discuss the church in relation to the office of the Apostle, tomorrow night. This is a hugely important issue, as it seems that everyone is an apostle these days. We’re going to discover what a modern-day apostle actually is – and trust me, you don’t know many (if any at all).
Finally…I missed you all. I look forward to tomorrow night. Let’s prepare to receive the Word, fellowship, break bread, and  pray. The days ahead are going to be interesting, and we want to make sure we are spiritually prepared to face them. Let’s humble ourselves and not assume that we are ready. Come to church. It’s no small thing to gather as the family of God. We’re going to need each other more as the days go by.

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