A Week of Prayer and Fasting

Praying Hands

As we all know, prayer is Tuesday night at 9 until midnight. However, there will be no night watch prayer service next Tuesday (Election Day). That being said…

More than ever, this is a vital week to fast and pray. I am asking that every night (starting tomorrow until next Tuesday) at 6:00, put down your plate, and your social media until 6am. In the evening at a time of your choosing, gather your family together for a time to pray for at least 30 minutes…EVERYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD. If you live alone, you can arrange to go to someone’s house, or pray by yourself. It’s up to you.

Also, I will be posting daily readings in 1Body and on our website on spiritual warfare. This will come from readings out of a book by George Akolonu called Prayer, Fasting and Spiritual Warfare. Please follow the provided link and read, as we will be covering spiritual warfare on Fridays, but there is no way we will cover any ground if we only study once per week. Fasting week is a good time to cover ground. So outside of your nightly prayer time, please take the time to read and study the material I post. This is for you and your own freedom, so it is important, especially in this season.

Here is our internal (First Love Fellowship) prayer focus:

  1. Repentance of our own sin.
  2. Forgiveness towards those who have offended us.
  3. Deliverance from evil
  4. Renewed boldness in our witness
  5. Grace to endure difficult seasons in our nation
  6. Finally, pray for someone at FLF…adult or child. Pray ferverently as the Spirit directs.

Also, below is the prayer focus for America from the International Minister’s Fellowship. Please be sure to cover the prayer points as you pray with your family. This would be a good time to get your children accustomed to praying aloud, as our children need to learn to interceed and engage in prayer now, more than ever. 

  1. LIft the nation of the USA to Elohim for 7 days, asking Elohim for mercy to rejoice over judgement; that the country be spared conflaguration ond implosion. 
  2. That all eligible citizens will have the liberty to vote. 
  3. That all parties will accept the outcome of the elections which will be decided by Elohim alone, according to His determinate counsel. 
  4. THat Elohim will release His Holy Angels to strengthen law enforecement
  5. That Elohim will unveil things that are covered so that His children will see and discern. 
  6. That saints will not permit ungodly soul ties to people and causes ahead of Elohim and the Kingdom.
  7. That saints will walk in understanding of the times and prioritze the need to watch, pray, and occupy. In this regard, call forth the church to awake, arise and align to advance. 
  8. War in the spirit to nullify with the blood of Yeshua (Jesus) over all works of darkness over th antion and people. 
  9. Pray and war further as the Spirit leads. 

Also, please keep in mind that those of you who are not part of our house church, but are connected to First Love Fellowship are welcome to join this fast as FAMILY. We are in this together and must connect as warriors for righteousnesses during this time. 


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