Victory in Spiritual Warfare

Wow…we have a few changes tonight! Ose and Niral 2 are both in Washington DC. They both will be ministering to thousands of college aged students at the Proclaim Crusade. With all that is going on in Washington DC at the moment, we need to be sure to remember them in our prayers. With that in mind, tonight will be a bit different without them. So, Sarah Foster and CJ Thomas will be leading worship tonight. Also, Chris Foster will be teaching and leading the discussion on Spiritual Warfare. Finally, Aaron Soap will be serving communion, and Desiree Soap will update us on missions opportunites. As for me, I will not be teaching tonight, but will certainly get back on topic, asap. Instead, I’ll be cooking! 

IMPORTANT: If you have not come to Night Watch prayer on Tuesdays, I want you to know that some of the most important lessons on warfare prayer are taught and demonstrated, there. If you already understand all there is to know on prayer, then we need you. Come pray and contribute what God has put inside of you. There’s much going on in our world. Let’s make prayer an urgency. 

Finally, I am so pleased to see that some of you have begun giving consistently. This helps a LOT! We have missions and endeavors that will not be done unless you support the work that is going forward.  Thank you for honoring what God is doing in your life at First Love Fellowship. It is greatly appreciated.

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