The Holy Ghost Baptism

There is a greater blessing —  a blessing that gets you on fire and in alignment with the mission of Jesus, with power. That blessing is the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Charles Finney needed it. EM Bounds needed it. John Wesley and William Seymour needed it. This is something that Jesus didn’t want His disciples to miss, if they were to fulfill His mission. They needed it because they needed power behind the message. Why would He expect any less today? We cannot fulfill the mission of Christ without the power of Christ. Therefore, we need the realities of the Holy Spirit today, just as they did back then. Yes, the healings, the miracles, the prophecies, the gift of faith and yes…the speaking in tongues are for us today. 

This message on the Spirit’s baptism will prayerfully draw you to pray for something deeper — something that will change…everything. 

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