Read Scripture App 2021: Let’s Do This

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Many believers and churches across denominations follow the Read Scripture App from Crazy Love Ministries. In 2021, I would like us to join the body of Christ in our scripture reading and get through the Bible in a year. It will be exciting to journey through the pages of scripture as a local body, and grow together. This way, we can exhort each other weekly through what God has shown us in our private devotions. It also keep us together, having the study of the Word of God in common. Each day requires about 20-30 minutes of time, and can be done in the morning or evening. Most of us spend more time on Facebook and Instagram, so this should be easy for us to do — eventually. Spiritual disciplines are not always easy, but in time, it becomes second nature. Of course, doing this together makes things all the more exciting, as we can talk among each other about what we have read for the day inside of 1Body!  

Of course, you are free to also read and study as God leads you, but this reading plan will help us to be accountable and diligent in SLOWING DOWN daily, and making time for communion with God, which is vital for your spiritual growth. So, I am asking that we all follow the Bible reading plan in this app so that we can be on the same page. We may have some catching up to do later, as we are now in the second day of the year! But, let’s all do this! We can make 2021 a year where we did a LOT of Bible reading, and a LOT of growing. As we learn about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, it will be urgent that we are reading and studying the scriptures, diligently. 

The link to the app is below, depending on the platform you require.

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