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Many people are locked in spiritually abusive church systems, and it stunts their growth, delays their calling, and can literally tear their house apart. It’s time that we begin talk about this, and make some major decisions about who we allow to speak into our life. Stop being manipulated by private OR public prophecies, “words” from friends, the need for spiritual dads, guilt, shame, and fear. It’s time for some balance. Pastors do not own and should NEVER control your life. Stop receiving teachers who teach “deeper” knowledge that cannot be verified by scripture. Not everyone who prophesies is true. Not everyone with a “word from God” has the authority to speak into your life. Stop allowing peoples visions, dreams, and “checks in their spirit” to govern your life. It’s time to get BACK…TO…THE…BIBLE. Further, guest ministers do not have the final say about your destiny. Apostles must be TESTED, according to scripture (Revelation 2:2). Bishops must be found to be blameless (1 Timothy 3:2). Please hear me…STOP GIVING PEOPLE POWER IN YOUR LIFE, THAT THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE. Consider the end of their CONDUCT, not their teachings. Again…CONDUCT (Hebrews 13:7).

Your abuser is not your friend, even spiritual abusers. There is a way to freedom and for the next couple weeks, we will be talking about this subject and find deliverance from the FEAR OF MAN. Please friends…live free in Christ. Don’t accept illegitimate burdens.

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