Trouble Ahead

Trouble Ahead Image

Friends, is there no alarm in your spirit? Is there no spiritually instinctive alert inside of you, telling you that we are not in normal times? Gasoline is crossing the $5.00 per gallon line in many parts of the country. The price of diesel fuel (used by trucks and farms) is even higher…much higher. Food shortages are plaguing restaurants, causing many to close early, or shut down altogether. There is a baby formula shortage. Random food distribution centers are burning down. Household energy costs have doubled and even tripled in some places. There is just enough crisis in he country for us to suffer, while life looks much the same. But don’t be lulled to sleep…we are CURRENTLY in a national crisis, and we haven’t even mentioned the fallout from Ukraine, mass shootings, crisis at the border, transgender movement, the possibility of war, and the lies and corruption that come with an election year. We must prepare for trouble ahead.

Friends, store at least six months of food. Make sure you have a means to purify water. Don’t laugh at this…get toilet tissue (again) and other household goods. Shortages are on the horizon. Use the wisdom of Joseph and be prepared for the times ahead. It is NOT a demonstration of faith to do nothing. Keep your gas tanks full, and avoid unnecessary driving. Be prepared for civil unrest.

I do not mean to sound alarmist, but there are times in history when an alarm must sound. That time is now. I’ll be laying low on teaching for a couple weeks to give place for prayer and the Word. I’ll also need some of you to join us at our home for prayer (outside of Tuesday) from time to time.

Friends, take this seriously. Get your house in order. Lay aside any offense you may have toward your brother or sister in Christ (including those in your household). We need each other, now, FLF. Pray together. Dine together. Speak to one another. Encourage each other. The days ahead are sober days. Don’t believe them when they say “blessing, jubilee, money is coming your way!” We are headed into times when we will have to persevere, TOGETHER. Let’s be that church.

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