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On Friday May 7th, we will be gathering at the same time and same place, but it will be a “Member’s Only” gathering. If you consider yourself a member of First Love Fellowship as a local church (1 Corinthians 16:19), I’d be honored if you’d come. I want to solidify the vision and mission of First Love Fellowship, and begin to establish a team so that we can do the work we are called to do. This is based on what you will find in Acts 6:1-7. I believe wholeheartedly that it is time we begin to assemble a team.  

If you have been coming (or logging in) on Tuesdays for Night Watch, you will understand where I am going, here. Right now, and in response to Matthew 25, we are involved in several ministry initiatives that must be supplied with faithful volunteers, givers, and people who pray. Here are some of the ministries and activities we are involved in:

  1. Our sister-ministry, Deliver Hope Uganda 
  2. Night Light Tulsa
  3. Angel Against Trafficking
  4. Warrior’s Refuge
  5. Sunday Service at the Merchant
  6. Night Watch (Our Tuesday prayer service)
  7. On the Porch
  8. Tulsa House of Prayer

Make no mistake: We are a missions-driven church. We are not a Friday Bible study. This is real church that is here to take the great commission, seriously. I want us to reach the suffering with the love of Christ and the Father’s promise of salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This will require that we allow the agenda of Jesus to interrupt our everyday lives. Still, to do this will require that certain ones among us are able to take ownership of certain ministries, and help fulfill them, as a church. 

Every Friday, we have in our midst, an amazing group of people, some of whom identify as First Love Fellowship, and others who go to other churches, and visit us on Fridays. There are some visitors who show a level of dedication that rivals actual membership! For that, I am thankful. Over time though, it has become difficult to know who to call upon for certain functions because I am not aware of your level of commitment to this local church. (We will be covering what it means to be a local church, later. But in short, the Bible speaks of the Church of Jesus Christ, the local churches, and the ministries within the local churches. All of these things comprise of the Church). We are not complete if we identify as “The Church” without biblical standards set in place. More on that later. Stay tuned.

By now, you should be very aware of the book of Matthew, and also Romans 8. You should also be keenly aware of the ministry and baptism of the Holy Spirit which was so excellently taught by our dear brother Chris Foster. This is all a part of the big picture of Restorative Discipleship.  Here is the reading for Friday:  Hebrews 12…all of it. Read it  slowly, today and we will continue our journey to freedom.

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