Restorative Discipleship Q&A


In week one of Restorative Discipleship, we established that the gospel was meant to be believed, and that this same gospel is the answer to EVERYTHING. In week two, we established that idea that you and I are just as much children of God as Jesus is to the Father. This week, instead of assigned scripture reading, I’d like you to review what has been said so far because on Friday, we are going to do open Q&A. I do not want to move forward without the assurance that we are all on the same page. So, please read the notes from the prior two weeks and BRING YOUR QUESTIONS so that we can answer them, together. 

Now, here’s something that is heavy on  my spirit: “Woe unto them that are at ease in Zion…” Zion can be seen throughout the scriptures to represent the church. In my personal prayers, I grieve because of my fear that we are too relaxed. Let’s move on from being church people to being disciples of CHRIST who can make a difference in this city. This discipleship is reflected in your prayers, worship, service, giving, witness, and lifestyle. Please, take seriously the scripture reading (as some of you currently are). Prioritize your giving so that the blessing of the Lord can fall on your household. Commit to coming to prayer on Tuesday nights. And finally, get involved in the work of the ministry. That’s how you grow and develop your gifitng in Christ.

If you think you are already “there,” then you only prove that you are not. None of us  have “arrived.” So, be humble. Be dedicated. Be generous. Be prayerful. But, please, DO NOT BE AT EASE, ZION. 

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